Teachers Training

Teachers Training

A skill based intervention training for teachers to develop emotional resilience in the classroom.

The background to Focusing through Interactive Pausing (FTIP) 

Focusing through Interactive Pausing began as a targeted intervention for behaviour management of students, within the classroom setting in DEIS ( Delivering Equality of opportunity in schools) in primary schools in Ireland.

The intervention, which led to this research project, was intended as an initial step in the introduction of a school-wide response to behavioural management considerations. The process of using ‘Focusing’ learning to pause  as a modality in the building of resilience and problem solving practice among young people began, as a targeted response to behavioural management challenges and issues of emotional self-regulation, in the pursuit of better educational outcomes for students in a disadvantaged area primary school in Ireland. 

This programme provided the operational framework for the development of teacher – training Focusing through Interactive Pausing accredited by the Department of Education and skills in Ireland as summer Teacher in service training course.

This training aims to

  • Build resilience and competence in self care among teachers and other who work with children and young people
  • Acquire the Practical skills, approaches and techniques required to build resilience and competence in children and young people
  • Learn how to use the natural capacity of children and young people for imaginative play; drawing , storytelling and other forms of symbolisation to better manage their emotional experience.
  • It offers a unique element in that it gives children their own internal reference point, allowing them to develop a capacity to pause, make contact with and listen to their bodily senses of any situation, to trust that their inside sense contains the answer and next step forward for them.
  • It teaches children and young people a way of living in the world, in a more responsive rather than reactionary way.

Those who participate in this  training will develop a repertoire of skills for connecting with individual pupils and applying Focusing learning to pause as a class-based modality.

The participants who complete the course will have access to a Focusing through  Interactive Pausing classroom programme with a series podcast Pausing Guided exercises.